Create a Tag

Tags are used to relate elements to each other for purposes of identifying similar Reports/Charts allowing a more in-depth analysis of trends. Tags are also used to filter and/or group elements on the Homepage Main Panel.

Tags are one of the customizable Pick Lists that provide the ability to create a new value "on the fly" while in the process of defining or managing an element. A new Tag may be required if none of the existing values meet the needs of the Element being defined. The same function may be used to edit or delete an existing Tag.

[6.2.5] Introduces Tag Types and Governed Tags. See [new 6.2.5] Governed Tags.  

Tags as Governance Definitions

Tags can now be transformed into Governance Definitions—effectively making a tag more meaningful and metadata rich. A Tag that's been deemed "Governance Definition" includes the following additional fields:

  • Tag Type (example: Enterprise KPI)
  • Definition (example: Key enterprise performance indicators)
  • Description (example: These KPIs are regularly reviewed by executives and below and are reviewed most rigorously by the Enterprise Data Governance team)
  • Business Owner
  • Technical Owner
  • Data Steward

1. Access Content > Tags > Tags

Access Content > Topics
  1. The list of Tags previously created in the system opens.
  2. Click [+ New Tag] to open Add Tag pop-up  

1.1. Provide Tag Name

Provide general Topic information
  1. Enter a Tag Name

[Save] to proceed with configuring this Tag in the Tag Editor.

1.2. Add Elements to the Tag  

Add elements to the Topic
  1. Open Associations tab
  2. Select element(s) where Tag is to be added [+ New <element>]

Example of Adding Tag to an Element

Tag Editor - Google Chrome
  1. Select element(s) via the checkbox


1.3. Alternatively, you can Create or Add Existing Tags in any Supported Editor > Info or Content tab

Alternatively, you can both create or add existing Topics in the element Editor
  1. Enter Tag name fragment
  2. Existing tags will display for selection

If you enter a new Tag name, this Tag will be added when Enter is pressed.

1.4. [New in 6.2.5] Governed Tags (Tag Types)

Tag Editor - Google Chrome
  1. To create or update a Tab to be "governed" activate the Governance Definition toggle  
  2. A variety of new fields will be displayed
  3. (Required) If a Tag is "governed", an existing Tab Type must be selected or a new Tab Type can also be created from this drop-down. To create a Tab Type from the Tags menu see new Step 1.4.1.
  4. All other newly displayed fields are optional

1.4.1. Create a Tag Type (Content > Tags > Tag Types option)

Tag Types - Google Chrome
  1. [+ New Tag Type] to open popup
  2. Name the Tag Type
  3. (optional)[Select Icon] will open a display of icons to choose from, or you may upload your own icon from that popup. Chosen icon will display in all Views before the associated Tags.

[Save] to display full Editor

1.4.2. Tags tab

Tag Types - Google Chrome
  1. Grid of all Tags assigned this Tag Type. Link will be active if User has edit access to the Tag (Power Users)
  2. [+Assign Tab] to assign this Type to another Tag. Note: the dropdown will only display those Tags that have the "Governed Definition" activated.

2. How Governed Tags are Used

2.1. Grouping on Homepage

Docs - Google Chrome
  1. On Homepage, select Tags from the Group by Folders dropdown
  2. All elements with Tags with display alphabetically by Tag Name

2.2. Element Viewers with Governed Tag  

Chart: Weekly Cases - Google Chrome
  1. Icon for Governed Tag Type is displayed
  2. Click the Tag Name to display details of Tag
  3. Tag Name
  4. Tag Type icon and Name
  5. Display of all other elements with same Tag. Click on any Name here to transfer to Global Search to view details on these elements