Create a Topic / Tag

Topics are used to relate elements to each other for purposes of identifying similar Reports/Charts when the See Related drop-down list is populated allowing a more in-depth analysis of trends. Topics are also used to filter and/or group elements on the Homepage Main Panel.

Topics are one of the customizable Pick Lists that provide the ability to create a new value 'on the fly' while in the process of defining or managing an element. A new Topic may be required if none of the existing values meet the needs of the Element being defined. The same function may be used to edit or delete an existing Topic

Both of the available ways to add a new Topic are described below.

1. Access Content > Topics

  1. The list of Topics previously created in the system opens.
  2. Click [+ New topic] at the bottom of the page. The Add Topic pop-up opens.

1.1. Provide general Topic information

Provide general Topic information
  1. Enter a Topic Name and Description
  2. Optionally, select a Parent Topic from the drop-down list

Save your entry to proceed with configuring this Topic in the Topic Editor.

1.2. Add elements to the Topic

  1. Click [+ New element]
  2. The Add element to Topic pop-up opens
  3. Check the boxes for the elements that should be united by the created Topic
  4. Save your changes

2. Alternatively, you can both create or add existing Topics in the element Editor

Start typing to find or create Topics, then press Enter on your keyboard to save.