Configure Pendo for Product Analytics

This article details how to integrate Metric Insights with Pendo for product analytics.


  • Preconfigured Pendo script for the Pendo Portal Page

The install script, commonly referred to as “the snippet”, is a short JavaScript function that retrieves and loads the Pendo agent code (pendo.js), allowing for collecting usage metrics in the application.

In this script:

  1. Determine the values you want to pass as the Visitor and Account IDs;
  2. Customize the metadata that you provide to Pendo;
  3. Create auto-tags for Pendo Feedback.

1. Locate Pendo API Key

While logged in to your Pendo account, access

At the bottom of the window under the Multi-page App tab, find your Pendo API key to be used as the System Variable Value.

2. Create Portal Page with Pendo Script

Access Content > Portal Pages > +New Page

  1. Provide a descriptive Portal Page Name
  2. Enter a name that will be used in the Portal Page URL
    • The name will be used as the System Variable Value
  3. Under the Code tab, insert the Pendo code snippet and save your changes

3. Configure System Variables

Access Admin > System > System Variables

  1. Set ENABLE _PENDO to "Y"
  2. Provide the Pendo API Key from Step 1
  3. Specify the Pendo Snippet Portal Page name from Step 2
  4. Click [Commit Changes]

4. Verify the Result

View page source of any Page in Metric Insights

Verify that the Pendo script has been successfully initialized