Using Your Own Favicon with Metric Insights

The favicon, or Favorite icon, is a small square icon typically displayed in the browser's address bar or next to the page title on the tab in a tabbed browser.  Metric Insights ships with our default favicon installed.  

To install your own favicon, you will need:

  1. A starting image of at least 70px x 70px
  2. Run your starting image through
  3. Save the generated images to the Metric Insights server
  4. Switch the System Variable to use your custom favicon

1. Example of Our Favicon

Example of our favicon
  1. Favicon on the tab of a tabbed browser
  2. Favicon in the address bar

2. Generate the Favicon Files through

Use this website to generate the properly named and sized images:

For the best results, the website recommends a starting image of 260px x 260px as a minimum.  You can get away with using a starting image as small at 70px x 70px, though.

The following files will be generated:

 Generate the favicon files through

3. Save the Generated Files to Your Metric Insights Server

3.1. For Metric Insights v5

After generating all of the files, save them to your Metric Insights server in this folder:

3.2. For Metric Insights v6
  1. Save all the images obtained in the Step 2 to a directory on the Linux host; e.g., at /home/user_A/. The WinSCP tool can be used for this purpose
  2. Move all files 1 by 1 to the /opt/mi/iv/www/img/fav_custom directory inside the web container (1 command per 1 file)
    • For instance, move the favicon.ico file from the  /home/user_A/ directory on host to the /opt/mi/iv/www/img/fav_custom/ directory inside the web container:  docker cp /home/user_A/favicon.ico mi_web_1:/opt/mi/iv/www/img/fav_custom/favicon.ico  
    • Note that the favicon.ico is stated twice in the command

4. Access Admin > System > System Variables

Update the config variable "USE_CUSTOM_FAVICON"
  1. Filter on "use_custom" and check the existing variable's option
    • If "Yes", no further action required since the feature is enabled
  2. If "N", click the gear icon on the rightmost side of the row
    • On Edit Variable popup, change the Assigned value to "Y"
    • [Save]
  3. When the grid is re-displayed, [✓ Commit Changes]

5. Open a Web Browser to Metric Insights

All that is left now is to open a new web browser to your instance of Metric Insights.  You should now see your custom favicon.