Adding Documents to Homepage or Element Viewers

New in Release 5.4, Admin Users and Power Users can add client-specific documentation to the Homepage or to specific element viewers to provide links to Documents detailing news, changes, or instructions essential for company operation.

This article covers the process of adding existing documentation to your Metric Insights instance.

There are no Privileges associated with adding Documents to element Viewers,  but PUs will be restricted to:

  • elements to which PU has edit access
  • categories to which PU has edit access
  • folders to which PU has edit access

PUs do not have the ability to create Global Documents

1. Access Content > Documents

Open the Homepage Message setup screen

The list of existing Documents displays:

  1. You can edit any Document link by clicking on the Name
  2. To create a new link, Select [+ New Document] 

Power Users may only edit or delete the Documents that they have created.

1.1. Alternate method to add Documents to elements: Access Element Editor > Documents tab

2. Complete required fields on the Add Document popup

  1. Select a Document Type from the droplist
  2. Name  - can be an actual document name or just a descriptive phrase
  3. Select Source
  4. Enter the External link URL or select a PDF based on your selection for #3

Save to access the Documents editor

3. The Documents editor - additional fields

Configure Homepage Message
  1. Global Documents are explained in 3.1, so we are leaving it 'off' for this example
  2. Select Type from the dropdown list
  3. If you want to change the standard Document types or create new Document types, use the Edit or Add icons
  4. Revision Date defaults to current date and time but may be changed using the Calendar icon
  5.  In this example, we changed Source to External Link and added the URL

Do not forget to Save your settings.

3.1. What is special about a Global Document?

  1. If Global Document is switched on, the Document link will display on all pages in the Banner line (all other fields are completed as described above)
  2. This example shows where the Document icon is located for all pages in your system, including the Homepage.

4. If not a Global Document, select the elements


  1. You can add Elements based on their Assigned Category or Assigned Folder or any combination of those
  2. You can assign elements individually using a picklist
  3. The Comprehensive Element list will be populated based on your choices in #1 & #2


5. Example of Document link on Element Viewers

Review the result at the Homepage
  1. Click on Document icon to view all linked Documents
  2. Click on Name to follow the link to your Document

Only Global Documents display on the Homepage