Create or Modify a Notification Schedule via Notification Schedule Editor

When users opt into receiving email notifications for alerts, annotations, and/or expired Elements, one of the related options is how frequently the system distributes these emails. The available frequencies are created and managed in the Notification Schedule Editor. This function, restricted to Admin users, is described below.

1. Go to Admin > Notification Schedules

2. Notification Schedule list

Notification Schedule list
  1. System opens the 'Notification Schedules ' list containing all existing schedules, both Public and Private. To edit an existing schedule, click the 'Name' link in the grid to open the Notification Schedule Editor.
  2. If no emails (Bursts) are associated with this schedule, the schedule can be deleted from this page. Otherwise it can only be deleted using the Notification Schedule Editor
  3. To add a new schedule,  click the + New notification schedule button

3. Create a New Schedule

Create a New Schedule
  1. Enter a  Frequency using choices in drop-down
  2. A positive integer value for 'Runs Every' field
  3. If you chose to Wait for data collection, also select the appropriate Data collection trigger from the drop-down list.
  4. After clicking Save, the 'Notification Schedule Editor' opens to define the new custom schedule. See Managing Schedules

4. Notification Schedule Editor / Schedule based on certain day

Notification Schedule Editor / Schedule based on certain day
  1. Set Notification schedule based on day(s) of Week, Month, or fiscal Month
  2. Multiple days may be selected
  3. theschedule can be run multiple times with that day
  4. Optionally, inlcude Wait for data to be collected by selecting the Data Collection trigger to be completed before the schedule executes

5. Notification Schedule Editor additional tabs

Notification Schedule Editor additional tabs

The remaining tabs will display:

  1. Which notifications were executed on the last running of this schedule
  2. Any Bursts associated with this schedule
  3. The History of all notifications sent
  4. [new 5.3.2] Run Scripts was added