Overview of Content Center

Accessed from the Content menu, Content Center is designed as a hub for centralized Content Management that includes access to Publishing board, content Engagement, and Access Requests from a single pane of glass.  Any Admin can use all aspects of the Content Center.


In order to access the Content Center, the Use Content Center Privilege must be granted to those Power Users: who are:

  • Involved in Publishing Workflows
  • Responsible for creating content
  1. Publishing: the feature is a way for Power Users to manage and supervise content creation in Metric Insights. The functionality helps ensure that new content has been validated by multiple stakeholders and is therefore trustworthy, including accurate metadata and information.
  2. Engagement: the feature provides better understanding on content usage, how users interact with it, and how active they are, granting more control over unused content and inactive users as well as helps free up valuable resources.
  3. Requests: The User Access Requests list page shows all elements to which individual Users have requested Permission to Access. This page is visible to all Admins as well as those Power Users with both the  Use Content Center and Manage User Access Requests Privileges