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Grant Power Users Element Edit Access via Element Ownership

Effective in Release 6.2.3, the constraint that required Category access in order to View or Edit an individual Element has been removed.  This applies to the Power User TechnicalOwner as well as a Power User who creates an element or has received explicit View or Edit Access to an element.

Each element must have a Business and Technical Owner. In the system, there are a few functions that identify the owner of an element, including Element list filter, User Editor > Elements tab, and selection of elements to include in a Collaborative Digest.


Making either a Regular or a Power User the Business Owner of any Element provides NO View Access to the element or any other Permissions.


The following rules apply

  • Regular User cannot be a Technical Owner
  • In Versions 4.2 and beyond, a Power User designated as the Technical Owner receives Edit Access to the element including Use Access to the element's Configurable Data Source; i.e., the Element's tile has an Edit icon on the Power User's Homepage ONLY IF the Power User also:
    1. Has Edit Access to the element's Category (Release 5.3  through 6.2.2; beginning  in 6.2.3, Category access is not required.)
    2. Inherits or is directly granted Dimension access as well as at least one Dimension Value permission
    3. Has been granted the associated Create Content Privilege for associated non-configuration sources and Permission to View any Source element(s)
    4. Has been granted View Access to the source Dataset If the element is created from a Dataset (new in Version 5.0)
  • A Power User that creates an element automatically becomes the Technical Owner and may not change this setting since the field is hidden from the Power User
  • If an Admin changes the Technical Owner setting of an element created by a Power User, a warning message is received that the Power User will no longer have View or Edit Access to the element
  • The Power User may assign any User to become the Business Owner of an element that he/she creates

1. Access the Element Editor's Ownership settings

  1. Open the Advanced tab
  2. Review ownership settings for Business Owner and Technical Owner

NOTE: When a NEW element is created:

  1. Business Owner: Defaults to the element's Creator.  
    1. The Creator can choose another Business Owner from all users contained in the drop-down list.
  2. Technical Owner: Defaults to the Administrator or Power User who created the element (If a Power User is the creator, the field is hidden and cannot be updated by the PU). An Administrator can choose another Technical Owner from the drop-down list.

2. Technical Owner Edit Access

  1. Assign a Power User to be the Technical Owner of a Dimensioned Element with a configurable Data Source
  2. Click Save and Preview
  3. A Warning message appears granting the Power User immediate Edit Access to the element as well as:
    1. Access to the Dimension and all of its Dimension Values for this element only 
    2. Permission to use the element's Data Source as a fetch method for other elements, Events, and Dimensions.
  4. Clicking OK grants element Edit Access to the Power User designated as the element's Technical Owner and also grants Use Access to the element's Configurable Data Source.