Adding Custom Fields

Release 6.2.3 introduces Custom Fields that Administrators can create and populate for various element Editors and select to display on element Viewers.

This article shows how to:

Create and populate fields Custom Fields

1. Access Admin > Reference Objects > Custom Fields

Click [+ Custom Field] to open Editor

  1. Name:  Select a unique and meaningful field name
  2. Field is:   Allows input on setup as a single value, multiple values, or free-form text  
  3. Value Source:  Select how the values for this field will be populated on the element Editors
    1. Manually:  Click [+ Value] to enter Values to be displayed in the dropdown
    2. Dataset:  Enter the Values based on a field in an existing Dataset, and optionally as a Hyperlink value
    3. Users:  System populates a dropdown list of Users for selection.
      • NOTE:  This option does not allow the specification of Field is.
  4. Show on:  Select Editors and Viewers on which this field is to be available for display
  5. Toggle Disabled to Enabled to use this Custom field


2. Options Available

2.1. Value is Manually Entered: Single / Multi-Value

  1. Set Field is and Value Source
  2. You can define multiple Values, but only one may be selected on an Editor
  3. [+ Value] to display popup for input

[Save] and optionally continue to add Values via [+ Values]

  1. Multi-Value will allow choice of any number of defined values to display.

2.2. Value Source is Dataset Field

  1. Select Dataset View from dropdown list
  2. Select a Column from that Dataset View
  3. (Optional - only if your Dataset contains links) Select a Hyperlink object based on your Dataset View


2.3. Source is Text

Use the Text Field to display a free-form input field on the Editor

Custom Fields display examples

  1. If an Element type is selected, this Custom Field will display in the element Viewer as the last element in the footer. On Metrics/Multi-Metrics, it will also display on the Info panel to the right of the chart.

1. Element Editor Example

Custom Fields display on the Info tab where their Values are actually set.

4. Dataset Report View

Report: Country Sales Report - Google Chrome
Search: WINE - Google Chrome

At present, only the Values of these fields are searchable (noted in green), the field name is not.