Working with Sections for Custom Fields

Custom Fields (CF) are displayed on various elements and viewers ordered under Sections. All Custom Fields must belong to a Section and a default section is automatically assigned upon CF creation.

The Section Editor allows you to:

Example of how Custom Fields display (Summary data on Metric Viewer):

Chart: All Countries | Alerts - Google Chrome

1. Add a new Section

Admin menu > Reference Objects > Custom Fields > Sections

  1. Select [+Custom Field Section] to open Editor
  2. Select meaningful Name
  3. [Save] to open editor

1.1. Custom Field Editor opens

Custom Field Section - Google Chrome
  1. (optional) Input a Display Name if you want another name to display on Viewers
  2. (optional) You can [+Custom Fields] to a Section in this Editor or use the Custom Field Editor to assign Sections, see Set Options in Custom Field Editor

1.2. Add Custom Fields in Section Editor

  1. In the popup, Multi-Select Fields using check marks
  2. [+ Add Selected] & return to Editor
  3. Be sure to [Save] after the grid appears

2. Removing/Reassigning Custom Fields From Section Editor

New in 6.3.0: Allow User to remove CF from a Section and then reassign to a new Section  

Custom Field Section - Google Chrome
  1. Select a Custom Field by clicking on the Delete icon [X] to open the Reassign popup.

2.1. Reassign Popup Opens

Custom Field Section - Google Chrome
  1. New Custom Field Section will default to "Default"
  2. Assign to any other Section you have access to via the dropdown
  3. [Reassign]

2.2. Reassignment Completed