Source Events Automatically

Events for an Event Calendar can be sourced using SQL or a Plug-in based on the Data Source selected in the Event Calendar Editor.  Any Event can be designated as a Key Event in the source database.

Power User's creating Events automatically must have at least Use Access to the selected Data Source. See Event Calendar Security (Release 5.3.0 and beyond)

If you need to record Events via manual data entry or upload them as a CSV file, see Source Events Manually.

1. Access Admin > Event Calendars

Access Admin > Event Calendars

The list of Event Calendars previously created in the system opens.

Select a required Event Calendar from the list.

2. Setup Data Collection

Setup Data Collection
  1. Event Source: select the source of the values for this Event Calendar from the drop-down list. For this example we use SQl database.
  2. Data Collection Trigger: Choose how often the list of events should be updated. You can create a new Trigger on the go by choosing the Add New Data Collection Trigger option from the bottom of the drop-down list.
  3. Construct a fetch command
  4. Validate your SQL Statement: click this button to verify that your SQL statement is valid. If any errors occur, they are explained below the box and the box itself turns red.
  5. If validation is successful, the box turns green and sample records are shown below.
  6. Click Collect data

3. Review collected Events

Review collected Events

Open the Events tab and review the entities automatically added to the Events table.