Managing Future Annotations

Users can easily add Annotations for a Metric's data points for which data has not been collected yet.  This may be done from the Metric Viewer before associated data has been fetched into Metric Insights.This is helpful when a user knows something will be happening during the current or future period. The annotation will appear on the Chart and at the Homepage > News View when data is collected for that period; until then, the annotation can be viewed on the Metric Viewer below the actual chart as show below.

NOTE:  Display of Future Annotations is controlled based on the last data point collected, regardless of how OLD that data is.

1. Access Metric Viewer

  1. Below the Chart Legend click Add Annotation. The pop-up opens.
  2. Select the future date from the drop-down calendar. If data has only been collected through yesterday, today's date is also going to be considered as future date.
  3. Add Annotation text
  4. Click the Add Annotation to confirm your action.

1.1. Warning message

For all future Annotations the following warning message is shown:

Warning message

2. Future annotations are displayed directly below the chart

Toggle to show or hide the future annotations. Annotations will remain here until they can be displayed on the corresponding data point

3. Example when data point has been collected for the Annotation

Icon is display on chart, Annotation appears below instead of the Future Annotation link. Annotation will also now be viewable at the Homepage > News.