Collaborative Items

Collaborative Items are different messages and notifications that Users can leave for other Users to see. This article defines Collaborative Items and where/how they are created.

Each of the following is considered as a Collaborative Item:

A Regular or Power User must have explicit Privileges assigned in the User Editor to:

  1. Add an Annotation
  2. Add Expert Analysis

Collaborative Items can be deleted according to the following rules:

  • Administrators can delete any Collaborative Items.
  • Only the User who authored a Comment or Annotation may delete that item.
    •  If the deleted Note or Annotation has Comments associated with it, they are also deleted.
  • Users must have at least View Access to an element in order to add Collaborative Items to it as well as the associated Privilege for Annotations or Expert Analysis

See also Adding Annotations to Elements



Comments can be added to an element right below a Chart Viewer or Report Viewer

To add a comment on a Viewer:

  1. Click the Comment text box to expand it and enter your message there
  2. Optionally, attach a file
  3. Optionally, share your note with specific users by choosing them from the list of users
  4. Click Post comment to add it below the corresponding Chart



Annotations are added to Data Point on a Metric Viewer as follows:

  1. Click a Data Point to open its information pop-up
  2. Click the Annotate button
  3. Alternatively, click Add Annotation below the Chart's Legend
  4. The Add Annotation pop-up opens

For more details on creating Annotations, please refer to: How to add an Annotation



Events are added to a Chart Viewer in the similar manner as Annotations.

You can, however, comment on any Event on either the Chart or Report Viewer by selecting Comment under the Event. You have the same options as shown in Annotation example above.

For more details on creating Events, please refer to: Creating a new Event from the Chart Viewer



Alerts that have been generated and to which you have subscribed will be displayed on a Metric Viewer below a Chart.

Regular Users cannot create an Alert (you can only subscribe to them) but you can comment on any Alert.