Generate Period to Date (XTD) Target Variance

You can create a new Period to Date (XTD) Target from the Associations tab of the Target Editor or from the Metric Editor - Charting tab. The following XTD Targets are allowed:

  • Month-to-Date
  • Quarter-to-Date
  • Year-to-Date
  • Fiscal MTD
  • Fiscal QTD
  • Fiscal YTD

PREREQUISITES: For this example, it is assumed that BOTH the Target and the Metric already have data collected and have been associated with each other.  This example shows the XTD targets generated from the Target Editor but the same process works from the Metric Editor

1. Access Admin Reference Objects > Targets > Target Editor > Associations tab

Whether or not the Metric can have a MTD, QTD or YTD variance depends upon its own Measurement Interval setting. For example, a Monthly Metric cannot have a MTD variance but can have a QTD and YTD.  The Measurement Interval restrictions that govern XTD Targets are as follows:

Minute none
Hourly none
Daily Any of the XTD intervals above; except Week To Date
Weekly none
Week to Date none
Monthly Both QTD and YTD
Quarterly YTD only
Fiscal Month Both Fiscal QTD and Fiscal YTD
Fiscal Quarter Only Fiscal YTD

2. Click one of the available options

Based on your selection, the system uses the values already associated with the Target to compute the period’s targets and automatically:

  • Initializes the XTD Target
  • Derives the Target’s values based on the assigned Target so that its data is immediately sourced
  • Replaces the creation link with a 'Yes' link to the Metric’s Editor as shown in the sample with 'Yes', a link to the generated XTD Target's Editor.

NOTE: You do not have to use the "Create XTD" link to create an XTD target. You may also manually create the corresponding period’s target using the same 'Measure Of' and 'Dimensioned by settings with the Measurement Interval that corresponds to the XTD period.

3. The XTD Target Editor opens

Use your Browser's Back button to return to the base Target Editor

4. Review updated grid

Click the link for the remaining links to generate the remaining XTD Targets

5. When all available XTDs are generated, update all Metric charts

  1. At the top right corner of the screen click Update all Metric charts
  2. Open the Metric Editor by clicking its name link in the table

6. View the Metric

7. Review the Target Display

The Data Point Mouse-over Display shows all XTD Targets and related variances