Create a Target sourced from a Metric

Target data can be sourced from another Metric with the same Measurement Interval.

1. Access Admin > Reference Objects > Targets

  1. Click [+ New Target]

The Add Target pop-up opens

2. Define the New Target

Define the New Target

Define the information essential for creating a new Target. (For more details see Create and Populate a Manually Sourced Target)

3. Define the Target Data Source

  1. Set Source from field to 'Metric'
  2. Choose an available Metric from the Source Metric drop-down list containing those Metrics that have the same Measurement Interval
  3. Save to collect values from the designated Metric

3.1. Review the data in the Target Values Grid

4. Associate the Target with a Metric

  1. Open the Associations tab
  2. Click Link to Metric
  3. The Associate Metric pop-up opens
  4. Choose a Metric from the drop-down list
  5. Save your changes
  6. Once the Metric is associated with a Target, at the top right corner of the screen click Update all Metric charts