Hide and Un-Hide Events

Each Event icon shown on a chart has a mouse-over display containing several options: Add comment, Hide, Edit and Delete Event.

There are few options to hide events that you are viewing while they always remain visible to other users viewing the same charts:

Rules governing display of Events:

  1. In general, Key Events are always automatically shown while simple Events are only displayed when determined to be Impacting; i.e., Statistically Significant.
  2. When you Hide Event, the chart is automatically regenerated and this Event is removed from your chart 
  3. All other users continue to see see the Event that you hid
  4. A hidden Event remains hidden for 24 hours before it is re-surfaced automatically

1. Hiding all Events from the Chart

Hiding all Events from the Chart
  1. To hide all Events from the Chart, single-click the Events legend button below the Range Selector. Once the Events legend is dimmed, all Events are hidden from the Chart
  2. To make Events visible again, single-click the Events legend button one more time

2. Hiding Events from specific Event Calendars

Hiding Events from specific Event Calendars
  1. Events from different Event Calendars are usually shown in different colors
  2. If you wish to hide events from a specific calendar from the Сhart, click Overlay Metrics below the Chart legend. The pop-up screen opens
  3. Find an Event Calendars table and define which of the calendars should be shown at the Сhart be checking / unchecking respective boxes
  4. If you are an Admin user, you can make these settings default for other Users. NOTE: They will still be able to set up their custom view though
  5. Save your changes



Now you can see Events from a selected Event Calendar only.

3. Hiding a single Event from the Chart

NOTE: If you hide a specific Event from the Chart(s), it always remains visible to other users viewing the same Chart(s) unless it is deleted.

3.1. Hide the Event from the Chart

Hide the Event from the Chart
  1. Mouse over the Event icon to display Event information and options
  2. Click the Hide button. The Chart refreshes automatically and the hidden Event becomes invisible in your account.

Rules governing Hidden Event display:

  • If the original user logs in before 24-hours have passed since the event was hidden, the hidden Event is still NOT visible
  • After 24-hours have passed, the Event is visible to the original user upon reopening the chart, even if that user has not logged off and logged in again