Targets Overview

Targets allow analysis of performance related to organizational goals, such as a forecast or budget.

You can create as many different Target Types as you need. Typically, you would start with 'Budgets' to plan long-term goals and 'Forecasts' to update these goals based on actual experience and revised views of expectations.

Targets can be applied only to Metrics.  One or more Targets can be associated with any Metric in order to compute variances and chart actual performance against plan.  A Target may also be extended to include period-to-date (XTD) periods (for example, Month-to-Date, Quarter-to-Date) comparison vs Metrics.

Target View / Target on a Metric Chart

A Target view is available on the full Metric view if there is at least one Target associated with it

Reviewing Target data on a Metric (see above):

  1. Target view
  2. Target line Legend
  3. The Data Point Mouse-over Display for any particular Data Point includes results, associated target(s) and related variance data.

Defining Targets (Admin > Reference Objects > Targets > select a target from the list)

Defining Targets (Admin > Reference Objects > Targets > select a target from the list)

In the Target Editor you can:

  • Info tab: Define Target's basic settings, such as, Measure, Type, Dimension and Source
  • Target data: Add, updated target values. See Populate a Target from a CSV file
  • Associations tab: Link a Target to Metrics of the Same Measure and Interval

Target Data Source

Target Data Source

Target data is entered in one of the three ways:

1.    Manual Data Entry

2.    Derived from another Target

Using another Target's Data as input to a new Target (for more information see: Create a Target derived from another Target).  In addition, Period to date (XTD) targets are always derived from an associated Target itself and are generated, upon request, by Metric Insights (for more information see: Include MTD, QTD and YTD Target Variances)

3.    Sourced from another Metric's data (for more information see: Create a Target sourced from a Metric)