Creating Future Events

Events for any date or period are typically added from the Event Calendar Editor but may also be done from a Metric Viewer.  Users can easily add Events for a Metric's data points that have not yet been collected, assuming at least one Event Calendar has been associated with the Metric already. These Events will be stored but not displayed until corresponding data point is collected

1. Add  Future Events on Metric Viewer

On the Metric Viewer,

  1. Click [+ Add Event] icon to display a pop-up
  2. Calendar: select an Event Calendar from the drop-down list
  3. Name: should be unique and descriptive, since it is going to be displayed at the Chart
  4. Add Description
  5. Click Add Event to save your entries.

1.1. A warning message is to be displayed

The system is to inform you when your future event is going to appear on the Chart.

1.2. Event will not be displayed until data is collected for the specified date

NOTE: Despite the fact that a future message is not displayed at the Chart, it is shown BELOW the Chart.