Create a Target derived from another Target

Deriving values based on other Targets uses either aggregation of data or interpolation, the process by which the value of a higher-frequency target value is inferred based on an existing lower-frequency target; for example, determining daily target values from an existing monthly target.

1. Access Admin > Reference Objects > Targets

Click [+ New Target]

The Add Target pop-up opens

2. Create Derived Target

Create Derived Target

NOTE: All Targets created in Metric Insights are unique. ONLY ONE Target can be created using a combination of Measurement Interval, Measure, Type, Dimension.

Set the required fields:

  1. Choose a Measurement Interval that is a higher-frequency than its Source Target
  2. Choose any Measure since it can differ from the Source Target. NOTE: The Metrics that will be associated with this Target must also have the same Measure (for example, Sales, Profit, etc.)
  3. Select Target type
  4. The Target Name defaults from these settings and may be changed, but must remain unique.
  5. Save your Target basic information to proceed with adding Target Values in the Target Editor.

3. Populating Target data from other Target

Populating Target data from other Target
  1. If you set a Sourced from option to 'other Target', you populate the new Target using data from the Target that you select in the field below from list of accessible items that appear dynamically.

When you click Save values from the source Target’s data tables are used to compute the new Target's values and are automatically loaded into the Target Data grid.

4. Derived Target Values

Derived Target Values

NOTE: If you select another Target source, all existing target data are automatically deleted and re-loaded from the newly designated source.

5. Rules for Sourcing from 'other Target'

Rules for Sourcing from 'other Target'

The Source Target drop-down list contains all other Targets with the same Dimensioned by settings as the current Target and with a Measurement Interval populated based on the mapping rules shown below

5.1. Additive Measures

Additive Measures

The table above maps Target sourcing rules for different Measurement Intervals  and applies if the Measure Of has been defined as additive (meaning that data can be summed across periods)

5.2. Not Additive Measures

Not Additive Measures

If the Target's Measure Of setting is defined as NOT additive, the rules in the table above apply.

NOTE: XTD targets can only be derived from existing target values for measures that are additive.

6. Source Target Error Handling

When deriving Target data from 'Other Target',  the system checks for suitable sources. If none are found, you are notified with an error message when attempting to Save your Target.