Understanding Key Events (deprecated in 5.5.1)

If you designate an Event as a Key Event, it is automatically displayed on ALL associated Metric and Multi-Metric Сharts.  Whether or not the Key Event has impacted the Metric's results is not considered.  Both the definition of a Key Event and its display properties are described in this article.


1. Access Admin > Event Calendar > select an item from the list > Events tab

Click [+ New Event]

The Add New Event pop-up opens

2. Identify a Key Event

Enter a Key Event

Along with providing the essential Event details, such as Date/Time, Name and Description, define it as a Key Event

3. Return to the Event Calendar Editor

1. The new Event is displayed as a Key Event

  • Key Events are automatically displayed on ALL associated elements
  • Non-key Events are displayed on associated elements only when the Data Point exceeds or falls below the standard deviation set for each Metric associated with the Event Calendar