Change default colors for Charting objects

When adding new objects to your Charts, such as lines, bars, and sectors, Metric Insights uses a grid of Charting Colors. If you wish to change the default colors used for all your objects, this article will show you how.

Where these defaults apply:

  • Multi-metric charting
  • Overlays in charts
  • Dataset Reporting charts
  • Moving average lines in Metrics

Access Admin > Charting Options > Chart Layouts

1. Select the Chart Layout with 'id = 1'

  1. Select 'Metric Chart Layout' or Default Chart Layout [6.1]
  2. Verify that the Id = 1
  3. Access the Colors tab
  4. Click the Edit gear to change the color values
  5. Use the Up / Down buttons to change the default order (you can also use the standard Drag and Drop function)

2. Edit the Charting Colors (Bar / Line / Moving Average)

  1. Select color to change (example is Link color)
  2. Drag the marker to a new shade
  3. Or select a new color

Click OK / Save