Creating an Announcement on Homepage or Element Viewers

New in Release 5.4, the Homepage Messaging has been replaced by Announcements that offer the following new features:

  • Display multiple Announcements
  • Display on the Homepage, or specified element Viewers, or both
  • Set beginning and end times for the Announcement to display (optional)
  • Allow Users to dismiss the Announcement after viewing (optional)
  • Allow Users to accept the Announcement after viewing (optional) [6.3.0]
  • Allow Power Users (PUs) to be given Permission to create/modify Announcements on elements they have View access to
  • Allow  PUs to display their Announcements on the Homepage
  • Limit display to Groups

Announcements are designed to be used to inform Metric Insights users of any news, changes, or instructions essential for the seamless company operation.

This article covers the process of creating an Announcement and its resulting look.

1. Create a New Announcement

Access Content > Announcements

Open the Homepage Message setup screen

The list of existing Announcements displays:

  1. You can edit any Announcement listed (based on Security settings) by clicking on the Subject name
  2. To create a new one, select [+New Announcement]  

Power Users may only edit or delete the Announcements that they have created.

1.1. Configure Announcement

Configure Homepage Message
  1. Set Announcement is to "enabled"
  2. If you select to Show on "Element Viewers", an Elements tab will appear to allow you to select elements or groups of elements to display the Announcement
  3. Subject will be displayed on Announcement list, but not on actual Announcement
  4. You can limit by Groups, which Users will see the Announcement - will be set in the Groups tab
  5. (Optional) You can set how long and during what interval the Announcement should be displayed
  6. (6.3.0 Optional) Require user to Accept: If activated:
    • When the announcement displays, the user would be prompted with an Accept link instead of our standard "Dismiss" Link
    • “Accepted By” grid is added to the History tab to track User's acceptance
    • [Allow user to dismiss] will be hidden
    • "Accepted By" will dismiss this Announcement from User's display
  7. (Optional) If Allow user to dismiss is checked(on), each User may choose to remove the Announcement from his view of Homepage and elements
  8. Create your message in the text field: you can play with colors, size, and formatting as well as add a link to more information
  9. Set Border color using the standard color chart

Do not forget to Save your settings.

2. History Tab - Grids for User Responses & Changes

Announcement Editor - Google Chrome
  1. Depending on your settings, the first grid will display history for Accepted By or Dismissed By
  2. Change History: click on View Changes to display changes made to the Announcement format
  3. Change Details: displays specific Field changes

3. Elements Tab Settings

If you choose to Show on  "Selected Elements", the following sections will display:

  1. You can add Elements based on their Category, Assigned Folder, Data Source, or any combination of those. In this example, we are only going to display the message for those elements using the Tableau database.
  2. You can assign elements individually using a picklist
  3. The Comprehensive Element List will be populated based on your choices in #1 & #2

4. Group tab settings

  1. [+ Assign Groups] to add display of Announcement to Users based on their Group Membership(s).

5. Sample Announcement on Homepage and Element Viewers  

Review the result at the Homepage
  1. Announcement displays both on the Homepage and on selected Element Viewers  
  2. [Edit] icon displays displayed based User Security
  3. Dismiss [X] or ]Accept] display based on setting in the AnnouncementEditor.
    • If you have chosen [Allow Users to Dismiss] , the Dismiss [X] icon will display
    • If you have chosen [Require Users to Accept],  [Accept] will display
    • Selecting either of the above will remove the Announcement from Homepage and all elements for you only
  4.  [Suppress]: will display on element Viewers only; selecting this will remove the announcement from this element only for all Users