Create and Populate a Manually Sourced Target

You can easily define a Target and populate values for the Target by manually entering each Target Value (method covered in this article) or you can Populate a Target from a CSV file

1. Access Admin > Reference Objects > Targets

Access Admin > Reference Objects > Targets

Click [+New Target] at the bottom of the screen.

The Add Target pop-up opens.

2. Define general Target information

Define general Target information

Provide basic Target settings:

  1. The period covered
  2. Obsolete in 5.1. The nature of the results being measured against this Target.  NOTE: The Metrics that will be associated with this Target must also have the same Measure (for example Sales, Profit, etc.).
  3. Target Type: Choose or create a type of the target.
  4. A Dimension for the Target if it is dimensioned

NOTE:  All targets created in Metric Insights are unique. ONLY ONE Target can be created using a combination of the following values:  

  • Measurement Interval
  • Measure
  • Type
  • Optionally, Dimension

The target Name defaults from these settings and may be changed, but must remain unique.

Save your Target basic information to proceed with adding Target Values in the Target Editor.


Currently, although you can choose a specific Target Type in the Target Editor, any Target is going to be marked as "Forecast"  in the Metric Viewer and in the email notifications.

3. Designate the Target Data Source

Designate the Target Data Source

Designate the method to be used to populate your Target in the Sourced from field. The following options are available:

3.1. Populate your Target

Populate your Target
  1. Open the Target Data tab
  2. Click [+ New value]. The Add Target Value pop-up opens
  3. Since the example is for a Daily Target, select a Date
  4. Enter a Target Value amount

Save your entry.

Repeat the procedure for adding new values or upload them in a CSV file.

4. Review the grid containing the values

Review the grid containing the values

Use [+ New Value] to enter each additional Target Value

5. Enable your Target

Enable your Target

Proceed with one of the following actions:

  1. Once you have completed data entry, open the Info tab and enable the Target so that it may be associated with one or more Metrics that have the same key settings; in this example: 'Daily' Measurement Interval and Measure of 'Sales'
  2. Grant Permission to one or more Power Users to edit and/or enter data to this Target using Maintain Target Security
  3. Apply these Target values to all associated Metrics in the Associations tab (see below)

6. Associate a Metric with a Target

Associate a Metric with a Target
  1. Open the Associations tab
  2. Click Link to Metric
  3. The Associate Metric pop-up opens
  4. Choose a Metric from the drop-down list
  5. Generate Period to Date (XTD) Target Variance

Save your changes.

6.1. Review the Grid

Review the Grid
  1. Notice that the selected Metric appears in the Shown on Metric Chart Grid
  2. Optionally, grant Group and/or User Access to this Target (for details see Control who can view targets)
  3. Click Update all Metric Charts to apply the Target/changes made to associated Metrics