How to Unfollow a Discussion, a Person or a Group of tiles

In the example below, you are following the user "John Frank" and the Discussion on an Annotation

1. Stop following a Person

Stop following a Person

Click the Unfollow link next to the person's image to stop following a User:  Example:  If you Unfollow  "John Frank", you will no longer be advised when  John originates or comments upon a Collaborative Item

2. Stop following a Discussion

Stop following a Discussion

Click the Unfollow link to stop following a discussion.  Example:  Once you Unfollow the Annotation shown above, you are NOT advised of any future comments to the particular Collaborative Item

3. Stop following a Group of tiles

Stop following a Group of tiles

In addition, at any time, you can change the Metrics & Reports' tiles that you are following by modifying your settings on the Email Notifications Editor's 'Send collaborative activity for: ' field