Unfollowing Discussions, Users or Groups of Tiles

In the example below, the User is following the User "John Frank" and the Discussion on an Annotation. This article describes how the User can unfollow them.

1. Stop Following a Person

Stop following a Person

Click the Unfollow link next to the person's image to stop following a User:  Example: If you Unfollow "John Frank", you will no longer be advised when  John originates or comments upon a Collaborative Item

2. Stop Following a Discussion

Stop following a Discussion

Click the Unfollow link to stop following a discussion. Example: Once you Unfollow the Annotation shown above, you are NOT advised of any future comments to the particular Collaborative Item

3. Stop Following a Group of Tiles

Access User menu > My Notifications and open the Collaboration Notification Editor

At any time, you can change the Metrics & Reports' tiles that you are following by modifying your settings on the Email Notifications Editor's 'Send collaborative activity for: ' field