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Creating Pivot Tables in Dataset Reports

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1. To create a Pivot Table

  1. Drag the Pivot table icon into the work area (Drop Components Here)

2. Pivot Table editor will slide out from the right

  1. Input a meaningful Title for your Table (optional)
  2. Select one Row
  3. Select one Column
  4. Select which Field you want to measure and how it should be aggregated (Sum, Min, Max, Avg, Count)
  5. Indicate if your Report should include any Grand Totals
    1. Click check-box to select Grand Totals for either or both Columns and Rows (or uncheck to omit Totals)
    2. Select location for the Grand Totals and the Label to be used
    3. Select the Format icons available to highlight or change placement

3. Results for a basic Pivot Table as set in #2

4. Add Conditional Formatting to pinpoint anomalies

  1. Edit the Field you are measuring
  2. Select [+ Formatting Rule] at bottom of Editor
  3. Enter the condition(s) you wish to draw attention to
  4. Pick any or all of the following formatting options: Letter color, Area color, Bold, Italic
  5. You may add as many Rules as you want

Then click Done on Field Editor and Apply on Table Editor