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Creating Manual Hyperlinks in a Dataset Report

Metric Insight allows adding hyperlinks leading to different Elements or external sources to the Dataset Report. This article describes how to add a hyperlink to Elements existing in the system.

If you are linking to an External Visual that is included in your Report, the hyperlink process is much simplified. See details here.

The system is expecting numeric hyperlinks to be unformatted. If you are linking on a formatted numeric field,  you can add "(Formatted)" suffix to column name like [Total Sales Amount (Formatted)].  

Note: there is a space between the Field Name and (Formatted).

  1. Open Column dropdown menu
  2. Select "Edit Column" to open the Column Editor
  3. In the Hyperlinking field
    • Type "[" to open auto-suggest for list of fields in your Report (see below)
    • To create a Fixed text link that will always show the same text, use this format: [click here](http://url/value=[field_name])
    • To create a Dynamic text link, that will change the text of the link according to the linked object, use this format: [[field_name]](http://url/value=[field_name])
  4. [Done]
2. Simple Example of Linking to a Metric, Dimensioned by Country

Note that if you are linking to a Dimensioned element, you will need to change '=' (equals) to '/' (slash) for the Value field:

  • Online example:  [[field_name]](http://url/value=[field_name])                    
  • Change for passing a Dimension:  [[field_name]](http://url/value/[field_name])  
  1. Entering the symbol "[" twice to open a list of fields in your current Report. Simply select the element you want to apply the link to appear on.  Enter another "]"
    • Our link is going to be applied to the field = Country
  2. To find the URL of the target of the link, just View the element
    1. entire URL for Metric chart is https://<domain>[country]/uco/3311
    2. This metric is segmented (dimensioned) by country - note the exact format of this field. For example, Country is capitalized.
    3. Copy the URL up through the element number and replace " http://url " with this value
  3. The 'value' field is the name of the field we are passing to the linked Report. This name must be formatted exactly as it is in the URL above
  4. Field_name will again be chosen by entering an '[' and selecting the correct field name in current report
  5. So here is the completed formula:  [[country]](https://<domain>[country])
  6. [[field_name]](http://url............................................................................................................. /value/ [field_name])  
3. Example of Linking Using Multiple Fields

In this example we are linking the Product Category to a the the Table dashboard filtered by Channel, Country, and Category shown below.

Following the simple example above: [[field_name]](http://url/value=[field_name])                    

  1. The field_name that will contain our Report field containing the link
  2. The URL portion is formatted from the Tableau URL: https://<domain>
  3. To locate the "value=" portions of the formula
    1. If your Report was created from Tableau we need to Access the Dataset Editor
      1. In the Data section of your report, link back to the Dataset View
      2. Click the Edit icon to access the Dataset Editor > Data section
      3. Find the exact Tableau filter names labeled as Reference Name in the Dataset Columns grid

Now you have everything you need to construct the link passing the correct filters:

  • Use "[[" to select 'Product'
  • Use the portion of the URL up to and including the '?'
  • When linking with multiple filters, all filters must be preceded by an '&'
  • Use the Reference Name as shown above as the 'value'   Based on the link-to element, you may have to find the names within the SOL statement instead.
  • Use the "[" again to select the correct field from your report to pass as filter
  • Repeat for additional filters and complete with a closed quote  ")"

Do not include any spaces between characters