Applying Filters in Dataset Reports

Dataset Reports can be modified using Filters in the Report Editor. This article describes types of Filters and how to apply them to the Report.

There are two types of Filters available in the Content tab of the Report Editor. These Filters limit the data that is displayed when viewing the Report online or in Notifications such as Bursts or Digests:

  1. Report Filters apply to all of the Report's Elements (Tables, Charts, and linked External Visualizations). These appear as drop-downs that can be adjusted by the Viewer, much like Dimension drop-downs in older versions of Metric Insights
  2. Table Filters apply to a single Table or Chart, are fixed, and can only be modified in the Report Editor

An Overview of Dataset Report features is available in Dataset Reports Overview article.

Report Filters

1. Open Report Filters Window

Access Reports List, open Report Editor by clicking the necessary Report Active Name Link, and open the Content tab

1.1. Report Built from Snapshot Datasets

  1. A Snapshot Date Filter is created automatically for all Snapshot Reports
  2. To add other Report level Filter(s) click Edit Filters

1.2. Report Build with Dates Already Present in Data

Click  Click to add Filters to open Report Filters Editor.

2. Define Filters

  1. Position of Filters: Select where to display Filters: to the "Top", "Right", or "Left"
  2. Drag fields from Columns section to the Filters section. The Report will be filtered according to those fields

2.1. Edit Filters

Click the gear icon in the Filter's row to open the Filter Editing Window. It is possible to change the Filter Label, Type of filtering and Sorting type.

3. Check the Filters

Table will now be viewed based on the Filter choices in both the Editor and the Viewer.

Table Filters

1. Open Filter Table and Add the Rules

  1. Click Filter Table to open folded section
  2. Click Add a Rule and add as many Groupings and Rules as you need
    • For more details about Rules and groups check this article
  3. [Apply]
Example of Filtering for High Values Sales
Example Showing How Filters Work on Other Elements

Note that both the Table and the Pie Chart are displaying only data for the selected countries of Canada and France due to the Report Filter.

The Table is further restricted by the Table filter (Sales > $25k) while the Chart displays Total Sales for each country.