Create a Change Report from a Dataset

With Datasets, it is easy to create Reports displaying changes in data. Now, the Dataset Viewer allows the creation of separate Views that surface relevant data changes.  These views can be used to build Change Reports. A detailed step-by-step instruction is provided below.


Build a Dataset that keeps history (a Snapshot Dataset). For details, see: 

Beginning in Version 5.3, creating Reports has been greatly enhanced by using the new Dataset Reporting feature - please see:  Dataset Reports Overview (New in 5.3)  But the major steps to create a default report are the same.

1. Access Dataset Viewer

  1. Access Content > Datasets
  2. Choose a Source Dataset for your Change Report
  3. In the Dataset Editor click [View] to open Dataset Viewer

2. Display data changes in Dataset View

  1. Select Fields tab: select data to be included in the Dataset View
  2. Track Changes tab: determine those changes need to be monitored
  3. Define filters to be used to surface changes
  4. Apply Changes

3. Verify the display of changes

  1. Check Results to see how data is displayed (with Changes Applied, only data that reflects these changes will be shown)
  2. Save changes as a new View
  3. Click Actions > Build Report

NEXT: User is taken to the Report Editor

4. Verify the Report defaults (using older legacy report format)

In the Report Editor:

  1. Info tab > Report type is set to Standard
  2. Data tab > Snapshot Report is set to "Yes"
  3. Data tab > Historical Instances can be backfilled is set to "Yes"

5. Enable and Publish Report

  1. Enable and publish the Report (Data Collection will be activated and the pop-up will prompt to Update Report History)
  2. Update Report History to be able to see data changes in the Report Viewer

6. Change Report is displayed in the Viewer

7. What do you want to do next?

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