Utilize Custom PowerPoint Template for Bursts and Favorites

New in Version 6.1.1 - you can start with a Sample Template and edit it in PowerPoint to create a new custom POTX template for use with Bursts and Favorites. 

This functionality will allow you to modify the look and feel of your PowerPoint attachments with your own logo, change the position of images, and customize the text that is displayed on slides.

1. Access PPT Templates via Admin > System > PowerPoint Templates

6.1.1 Staging - Google Chrome

1.1. [+ New Template]

PowerPoint Templates - Google Chrome

On the Add PowerPoint Template popup:

  1. Give your Template a unique Name
  2. [optional] Description


2. Create new template by downloading Default PPTX

PowerPoint Template Editor - Google Chrome
  1. To use new feature, make sure that 'Based on POTX Template' is toggled to On
  2. Down load the Default Template to your machine

Select the item from your designated download location to open the PPT Editor.

3. In the PPT Editor, Open the Slide Master

Presentation3 - PowerPoint
  1. In the View tab, select Slide Master to view the sample Slide types provide by our default Template POTX
Presentation3 - PowerPoint

Hover over the [title] on each slide to view the supported layouts.

  1. External Report layout
  2. Metric layout
  3. Content Layout

In addition, there is a Title layout and an End Slide layout. These layouts can be modified, copied, and deleted as needed. Metric Insights will use the picture portion of each layout to insert the corresponding elements. Alt text can be added or removed as well. See list of supported Slide types and Tags at the end of this article.

3.1. Save your adjusted Slide Master as a POTX file

Presentation3 - PowerPoint
  1. Select File
  2. Save As
  3. Name your new Template
  4. Be sure to select POTX as file type
  5. Save to a location on your computer.

4. Select your new template in the MI Template Editor  

PowerPoint Template Editor - Google Chrome
  1. Select your new template via the Browse button
  2. Select Save to use this template in the Pilot Template you set up earlier

5. Example of Slide for a Metric using your Template

My Favorites (12) - PowerPoint
  1. Metric Name and Description
  2. Chart image
  3. Measurement Value and Time
  4. Expert Commentary information
  5. Most recent Comment  
Slide types and Tags supported in Custom PowerPoint templates

New Slide types and Tags supported in Metric Insights PowerPoint templates:

  • Slide types:
    "Content", "Title", "End", "Metric", "Report", "External Report"
  • Tags/variables:
    [title] - name of the MI element
    [description] -
  • [/n] - carriage return

6. How to use a Custom template in Bursts

My Notification: Tableau Daily Burst - Google Chrome

In Burst Editor > Customize tab:

  1. Set 'Include PPT document' to 'yes'
  2. Select a Custom PPT template from the dropdown list

7. How to use a Custom template in Favorites

My Favorites - Google Chrome