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Request Email with Errors Encountered When generating Bursts

The Burst Editor has an option of sending notifications on any errors occurring during Burst generation. This setting usually defaults to "off", so you must update the Editor to initiate the notification process. This feature allows taking follow-up action if necessary.

To create a Burst, see Create New Burst.   

Access Burst Editor > Customize Tab

  1. [Check Detailed Burst] logging and error reports on
  2. Enter Email address(es) to which the notification is to be sent

Examples of Emails When Burst Process Fails

Example of an email you will receive if Data Collection Trigger Fails
  • An email like the one above is sent when the generation of Burst does not complete.
  • [View Further Details] links to the Run History tab for this Burst.

An email as above is sent, if the Burst setup requires modification.