Attachment Rules

Attachments may be added :

  • To an individual Element (Metrics and Reports)
  • To a individual Burst

When a Burst is sent, attachments specified for the Burst (only PPT currently) are included as well as any attachments associated with Elements included in the Burst

1. Types of Attachments supported for Elements:

1.1. Attachment types

  • PDF
  • XLSX
  • PPT
  • CSV: Raw
  • CSV: Formatted

1.2. Notification types supporting Element Attachments

When the element is included in the following Notifications, any specified Attachments are also included:

  • Alert Digests
  • Favorites Digests
  • Report Digests (all intervals)
  • Bursts

Attachments are never included with Immediate Alerts

2. Type of Attachments supported for Bursts

Currently, the only Type of Attachment supported for Bursts is a PPT that:

  • Includes Preview images for all Tiles in the Burst
  • Excludes Previews with a Content-type specified as unsupported for inclusion in PPTs