Attachment Rules

When an Element is included in the following Notifications, any specified Attachments are also included:

  • Alert Digests
  • Favorites Digests
  • Report Digests (all intervals)
  • Bursts
  • Immediate Alerts

Attachments are not supported for Collaborative Digests and the Email Now function.

Attachment types supported by Metric Insights

Element Supported Attachment Types
External Report
  • PDF
  • CSV
Other External Content
  • Local Filesystem, Microsoft SharePoint: The associated file type
  • Other: PDF
Metric, Multi-Metric
  • PDF
  • XLSX
  • PPT
  • CSV: Raw
  • CSV: Formatted
  • PDF, XLSX: All Visualization types
  • PPT: Charts, KPIs, Ext
  • CSV:Raw, CSV: Formatted: Regular Table (not Pivot)


  • Metric Insights supports two CSV formats: "CSV Raw" and "CSV Formatted".  When using these file types, remember the following:
    1. "CSV: Raw" files contain unformatted data.
    2. "CSV: Formatted" is a file type that has been changed by a Metric Insights User; e.g., had a Display Mask applied to it, was reorganized in some way at Element level.
    3. CSV data contained in External Reports can only be passed in a raw CSV format.
    4. Email services usually transform CSV: Raw files to look more user-friendly. They are still considered unformatted (Raw) by Metric Insights' standards.

To be able to deliver files/attachments in emails, additional options must be specified at the Element Editor level:

  • Metric: Advanced tab > Attach file to Digest
  • Report: Distribution tab> Attach to Email
  • External Report: Advanced tab > Collect additional files. NOTE: An attachment is only generated during the Image Collection refresh.
  • Other External Content: Configuration tab > Include files as attachments
  • Multi-Metric: not applicable