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Configure Inserting Element Images in PowerPoint Attachments for Bursts/Favorites

Custom PowerPoint Templates for Bursts and Favorites attachments can be configured to include specific Element images based on Element IDs. This article details how to configure a Template and Burst to receive PowerPoint attachments with specific Element images.

1. Configure PowerPoint File to Be Used as Template

To insert specific Element images in PowerPoint attachments, Element IDs must be manually specified for images in a presentation.

  1. For PowerPoint Online, right-click an image to access its Alt Text
    • For the desktop version of PowerPoint, right-click an image > Size and Position > Alt Text
  2. Specify IDs of Elements that will be included in the Burst. Follow the standard format:
    • [element_image_ElementID]

2. Configure Template

Access Admin > System > PowerPoint Templates > [+Add new] or access the existing Template Name Link

  1. Set Source to PowerPoint Document
  2. Upload the PowerPoint file from the previous step
  3. [Save]

3. Configure Content for Burst

Access Content > Bursts > [+New Burst] or access the existing Burst Name Link

Add Elements that you want to receive in a Burst

NOTE: You can add as many Element as you want; however, a PowerPoint attachment will only include images of the Elements whose IDs have been specified in the Template.

4. Configure Burst to Include PPT Documents

Access the Customize Tab

  1. Set Include PPT document to "Yes"
  2. Choose the PPT Template you have configured at Step 2
  3. [Save]
    • If the Burst is enabled, you will receive it according to the configured schedule. See the step below.

5. Verify Result

Images of the four External Reports that have been specified in the Template and configured for the Burst appear in the attachment.

NOTE:  The "Image could not be generated" message will appear in a presentation instead of an Element image if:

  • an Element ID hasn't been specified for a Template picture;
  • a wrong/non-existing Element ID has been specified for a Template picture;
  • a User does not have access to the Element.