Sync Portal Page Templates with Bitbucket

This article describes the process of uploading Portal Page Template assets via sync with a Bitbucket repository as an alternative to a manual upload.


Create a Portal Page Template.

Table of contents:

  1. Enable Git Sync
  2. Configure Git Sync
  3. Check the Uploaded Assets

1. Enable Git Sync

Access the Portal Page Template Editor

  1. Enable Sync with Git

2. Configure Git Sync

Access the Git Sync tab

  1. Git Username / Git Password: provide your Bitbucket credentials
  2. Repository URL: provide the URL of a repository
  3. Repository sub Folder: optionally, specify a subfolder, only its contents will be fetched
  4. Branch: enter the branch name
  5. Git Tag: optionally, provide a tag to fetch a specific version
  6. Webhook Secret: optionally, provide a Webhook Secret. This feature allows you to automatically update Portal Page Template assets on specific events, for example, on Git push to a repository
  7. [Save]
  8. [Synchronize Now]

3. Check the Uploaded Assets

Once the Portal Page Template has been synced with a Bitbucket repository, all the uploaded files are displayed on the Assets tab.