Custom Instructions for Concierge

Concierge is an AI-powered tool, so, just like ChatGPT, it can be tuned to the specific environment. An Administrator can add custom instructions to the MI Concierge installation to customize the answers it will provide in different ways. This article describes what instructions you can create and how to insert them into the MI Concierge installation.

Custom Instructions Dataset

The instructions can be given to the Concierge in the form of a CSV-sourced Dataset.

Each instruction should have an Instruction Name and Instruction Text, so there has to be a table with two columns. For every supported Instruction Name, there should be only one name/text pair. However, the text for each name can have multiple sentences of instructions.

For more details about Dataset creation, check out the Create a Dataset from CSV File article.

After creating a Dataset, access Admin > System > Search Setup and open the Concierge tab

Select the created Dataset in the LLM Context Message (Custom Instructions) field and choose the Instruction Name and Instruction Text columns.

After clicking [Save], the Data Analyzer Service will re-start, triggering Concierge to pick up your custom instructions.

NOTE: Edits to your custom instructions will only get picked up once the Data Analyzer service has been re-started. Make sure to restart Data Analyzer after changing the instructions.

Supported Instruction Names

Instruction Names listed below are the only ones that are supported by Concierge.


Using alternative_self_id Instruction Name an Admin can change the default Concierge self-identification text.

The default text is: "You are the LLM controller of a chatbot integrated into Metric Insights (MI), which is a business intelligence platform designed to help businesses understand their data."

To change it, write a new text in the Instruction Text column.

NOTE: Be aware that alternative self-identification text will fully replace the default one. Please be very careful when replacing this text.


Under the general Instruction Name, the Admin can add instructions that will be applied when processing each User's message.

Examples of "general" instructions
  • "Always call the user "dear employee"
  • "Use bold formatting to highlight the keywords in the user's question"
  • "Never use caps in answers"


Under the search Instruction Name, the Administrator can add instructions that will be applied to the generation of search criteria according to the  User's search intent.

Examples of "search" instructions
  • "Give one search result at a time"
  • "Always filter everything by the "latest version" tag"
  • "Sort the search results according to date, starting with more recent"


Under the how_to Instruction Name, the Admin can add instructions that will be applied to answers related to "how to" and "custom FAQ" scenarios. These instructions do not tell Concierge which questions should be answered within the scope of this scenario and which should not. Instead, these instructions are introduced at the step where the AI is already working on the "how to" answer and has all relevant documents in context. So, these custom instructions may be about choosing source documents or about formatting the answer, language style, etc.

Examples of "how_to" instructions
  • "The answer should be no longer than 30 words"
  • "Answer in a formal business language"
  • "Start the answer with the "Thank you for the question" phrase"