Concierge Service Overview

Concierge is a chatbot integrated into Metric Insights. It is designed to help Users get along with the platform, find different objects, and answer questions they may have about how the functionality works. It can be used on a separate Portal Page or via Slack messenger. Concierge is AI-powered, so the User can ask it any question about Metric Insights and expect a brief but precise answer with links to help documents that contain more detailed information. This article describes how to use Concierge and what answers it can provide.

Table of contents:

Concierge Page Description

  1. These are question examples that an Administrator can define according to the most frequently asked questions. To learn more about how to set those questions, read Provide New Question Examples
  2. Type the question in this field and [Submit]
    • When Concierge starts analyzing the request, you can stop it by pressing the Stop Response button if necessary
    • Normally, Concierge considers questions the User has asked before when answering. To change that, click Start a new chat. It deletes stored memory about previous queries and allows the User to start from the beginning

Querying Concierge

The User can ask Concierge any question about Metric Insight, but the answer it provides will be of one of two types:

  • Description Answer: Answer, describing how the Metric Insights work and what its Elements and Objects are
  • Search Result Answer: List containing links to Elements or Objects of the MI instance

Description Answer

Those are answers to questions that generally start with "what is" or "how to". 

Concierge searches for the answer through the Help&Documentation website and creates a short summary. It also adds links to the articles that can give the User more details on the topic.

Search Results Answer

Those are queries that start with "search", "show" or "find".

  1. Links to the Elements or Objects are shown in the left menu. The User will see only those Elements to which they have at least a View Access. The list shows the first five results
  2. By clicking the thumbs-up or down icons, the User can express whether the answer was useful to them. Clicking the thumbs-down icon opens a feedback window. For more details about setting the feedback dataset, check out the Configure Feedback Collection for Concierge article
  3. At the bottom of the link list, the User can see how many more results there are for his query. [See more] to show five more links in the list
  4. On the right side, there are Element previews. Those are the same Elements from the links list, but shown like tiles
  5. By clicking on the previews, the User can open them below

Concierge Security and Access

In this case, security and access rules are applied not to the Concierge Service, but to the User querying it. The User is able to find only those Elements to which they have at least a View Access. For more information about granting Users access to Elements, check out this chapter.

Slack Integration

Concierge Service can also be used in the Metric insights Slack Chatbot, along with the default search engine. For more details about Slack Integration, see the Using Concierge in Slack Chatbot article.