Sync Portal Page Templates with GitLab

This article describes the process of uploading Portal Page Template assets via sync with a GitLab repository as an alternative to a manual upload.


Create a Portal Page Template.

1. Enable Git Sync

In the Portal Page Template Editor:

  1. Enable Sync with Git

2. Configure Git Sync

On the Git Sync tab:

  1. Git Username / Git Password: provide your GitLab credentials
  2. Repository URL: provide the URL of a repository
  3. Repository sub Folder: optionally, specify a subfolder, only its contents will be fetched
  4. Branch: enter the branch name
  5. Git Tag: optionally, provide a tag to fetch a specific version
  6. Webhook Secret: optionally, provide a Webhook Secret. This feature allows you to automatically update Portal Page Template assets on specific events, for example, on Git push to a repository
  7. [Save]
  8. [Synchronize Now]

3. Check the Uploaded Assets

Once the Portal Page Template has been synced with a GitLab repository, all the uploaded files are displayed on the Assets tab