Understanding Portal Page Assets

Assets are external files such as JavaScript code, CSS, images, documents, and much more that can be used to construct Portal Pages and Portal Page Templates. The list of the supported filetypes is controlled by the PORTAL_PAGE_FILE_UPLOAD_WHITELIST System Variable.

Assets Types

There are two types of Assets in the system:

  • Global Assets can be shared across all Portal Pages and Templates in the system. They can be accessed from Content > Portal Pages > Assets Tab. Users can upload global Assets from their devices.
  • Local Assets are isolated and used by each Portal Page/Template individually. They can be found on the Assets Tab of Portal Page/Template Editors. Users can upload local Assets as a ZIP file or via Git sync.

Assets Reference in Code

  • Global Assets can be identified by their Relative Path.
  • Local Assets appear in code as an Asset name preceded by /pt(for Templates) or /p(for Portal Pages) and an internal name or the Template/Page.