The Share function

Metric Insights provides a convenient means to share charts and associated information with other MI Users or people outside of the MI system. The example below uses sharing a Comment, but the sharing functionality works in the same way for sharing other types of annotations, such as Alerts or Events.

  • Setting Notifications to OFF on My Notifications screen does not affect the Share function. You will still be able to receive emails on elements or collaborative data that others have shared with you.
  • For more information, refer to My Notifications - Overview

1. Access the Chart Viewer > Comment

When in the Chart Viewer, click Comment to open the Comment box.

2. In the Comment box

  1. Enter your comment
  2. Click "Share" to open the pop-up with the list of Users

You must enter your comment before you share it.

3. Select from the list of Metric Insights Users

"Share with" pop-up allows several options to choose Users:

  1. You can select a specific Group of Users
  2. Search field can be used to find an individual User in the list
  3. One or multiple Users can be chosen

4. Share with people outside of Metric Insights

  1. Enter the email address of those not within your Metric Insights system
  2. Click the [+] icon next to the email address
  3. Click the [Add] button

5. 'Post a comment' to complete

6. E-Mail to User with Access to Element

  1. Email Subject line informs who shared the Comment
  2. You can access the Chart Viewer for this element via the link

7. System security is used to limit access if necessary

This recipient does not have access to this Metric but is able to view the associated annotations.