Migrating Shared Favorites to Folders


To migrate all existing Shared Favorites to new Folders for sharing via Bursts.  Use this utility when updating Metric Insights from a release prior to 5.2 and later releases.  


Using the path Admin menu > Utilities > Migrate Favorites to Folders, Admins are provided with a migration utility to convert existing Shared Favorites to Folders.


  • Grant the original Owner of the Favorite exclusive ability to modify its content (sharing with the old  "Maintain" capability is not supported). 
  • Retain or delete existing Shared Favorites.  If retained, they will be for use of the creator ONLY and no longer be shared with other Users.
  • Migrate elements only to Individual Users (USE CASE: if Favorites folder was originally shared with a Group, the new Folder will be shared with all members of the Group as individuals rather than sharing at Group level).


  • Do not migrate Shared Favorites that are included in Slideshows.  This is a known limitation that will be corrected in a future release after 5.2.1.
  • Shared Favorites are not supported in 5.2 and beyond.
1. Migrate all Shared Favorites in your instance
  1. Select Migrate option "All Shared Favorite Folders"
  2. Indicate if the Shared Favorites should be Removed; if not checked, the Shared Favorite remains as a Personal Favorite of its creator after the migration but is no longer shared and only appears on that User's Dashboard.

Click the Migrate All Favorites to Folders button

2. Migrate a single Shared Folder

This option is used by the creator of the Shared Favorite and the resulting Folder is shared with the same original Recipients

  1. Migrate > Only one at a time to open optional fields
  2. Choose a User from the drop-down
  3. Select a Source Favorite
  4. Specify the name of your new Folder, to which the content will be migrated
  5. [Optional] Remove Favorite Folder after migration
  6. Click [Copy Favorite content to Folder]
3. Migrate a Shared Favorite Folder that was modified by Users

This set of options is only available to Users who received a Shared Favorite from someone else and subsequently modified the content.

  1. Migrate > Only one at a time to open optional fields
  2. Select a User from the drop-down
  3. Only those Favorites that the selected User has shared will be displayed - select one
  4. Input a unique name for the new Folder
  5. Choose ONE of the Migration options:
    • Migrate as Personal Favorite, if you want to migrate the Shared Favorite that someone else shared with you as a Personal  Favorite
    • Migrate as one new Shared Folder to move Shared Favorites to a new public Folder
  6. [Optional] Indicate if you want the existing Shared Favorite to be removed. If so, it will no longer appear in your list of Favorites
  7. Click [Copy Favorite content to Folder]

Given the selections in the sample above

  1. Shared Favorites folder is removed from the User's Personal Favorites
  2. New Folder is created with the User's modified content and is not shared with anyone.