Deliver a Burst via SMS

As of Version 5.2.1, Bursts can be sent via SMS directly to a phone or a smartwatch. 

SMS Bursts are designed to deliver Notifications to users so they can easily access actionable data on mobile devices.  


To be able to receive SMS Bursts, subscribers must have:

  1. Email-to-SMS feature activated (check with your Mobile Provider)
  2. Permission to view the Burst content (configured in Metric Insights)
  3. In My Notifications, the Immediate Alert field must contain a valid SMS address. Add the SMS gateway address of your cell phone provider immediately after the 10-digit phone number; such as "[email protected]." See My Notifications (Overview, Set up, Turn on / off)
My Notifications - Google Chrome

1. Content >Burst > Content tab

My Notification: Send SMS message with Unsubscribe option - Google Chrome
  1. Name your Burst
  2. Select and add the Report to be sent via SMS Burst.
  3. Choose Schedule for your SMS run. If necessary, create your own. Learn more about  Creating a new schedule (non-Admin user)  
  4. Change Template to "SMS Template"

NOTE: You can add only ONE element to an SMS Burst.

2. Customize tab - format Custom Reply message  

My Notification: Send SMS message with Unsubscribe option - Google Chrome
  1. An SMS template is the only option that can be used for SMS bursting. If you need a specific SMS template for your company, contact one of your administrators or [email protected]. SMS template has to be set up individually for each organization.
  2. [5.6.2] Those subscribers who replied with one of the texts set in System variable, UNSUBSCRIBE_TEXT_FOR_BURST, will be Unsubscribed from this Burst and theMessage entered here will be sent back to them.

The following System Variable must be set: UNSUBSCRIBE_TEXT_FOR_BURST = (non-blank entry) AND the Email Template must be set to 'SMS Template' for Unsubscribe Reply Message field to be available in the Customize tab.

Snagit Capture

3. Assign subscriptions

  1. Move to Subscriptions tab and select Individual Subscriptions via toggle switch(s)
  2. Enable your Burst
  3. Optional: Click [Send Now] to manually send SMS Burst

To check the results of the SMS run, open the Run History tab.

  1. Open Run History tab, under Subscribers, click on the value
  2. Information on Burst run appear in the pop-up grid

Make sure Keep history is set to "Yes" on your Notifications Schedule. Otherwise, the details of your SMS run history will not be accessible.

SMS report

Reports can be created by Admins and Power Users. Here is an example Report for your Burst.

For more information on building Reports, click Create a Simple (Undimensioned) Report