Install Concierge

The aim of the Concierge feature is to help users save time locating content either in the application or on our help site. Concierge Portal Page is added to all releases starting from 6.4.5, but by default is disabled.

This article describes the steps required to enable the Concierge Portal Page on your instance. Optionally, you can also configure feedback collection.

  1. Enable the feature
  2. Configure the Concierge Settings
  3. Enable the Concierge Portal Page
  4. Verify the result
  5. Create new question examples
  6. Set up the Portal Page sharing


Supported models:

  • All models of GPT4 and GPT4 Turbo family
  • Mistral-Large
  • Claude 3 Opus

1. Enable Concierge Feature

Access Admin > System > System Variables

  1. Find ENABLE_BI_CONCIERGE Variable and click the gear icon to open the Edit Variable window
  2. Assigned value: Set to "Y" to enable the Concierge tab under Search Setup
  3. [Save]
  4. [Commit Changes]

For more information on how to work with System Variables, refer to Setting System Variables.

2. Configure Concierge Settings

Access Admin > System > Search Setup > Concierge Tab

NOTE: Required fields can differ according to the model used.

  1. Specify Main LLM Model (required)
  2. If necessary for processing larger content, specify Large Context LLM Model
  3. Provide LLM Deployment Name (required for Azure)
  4. Input LLM API Key (required)
  5. Specify LLM API Organization (optional)
  6. Define LLM API Type: "openai" or "azure"
  7. Specify the API endpoint URL for LLM API Base (required for Azure)  
  8. Provide LLM API Version (required for Azure)
  9. Optionally, choose the Custom FAQ Dataset from the dropdown. A Custom FAQ Dataset is a set of questions and answers that the User can organize as a Dataset within the MI system. If it is chosen here, Concierge shows answers from the FAQ Dataset before reaching to the Help&Documentation
    • After selecting the Dataset, define the Question Column and Answer Column
    • The Scope of FAQ (Auto-generated) field will be filled automatically according to the FAQ Dataset content after indexing has been run
    • Optionally, type the Scope of FAQ to inform Concierge on which questions it should use FAQ instead of normal search queries. If nothing is provided, the auto-generated scope will be utilized
    • Select the Include "Portal Name" from Brand(s) in scope of FAQ checkbox to make Concierge consider Portal Name from any enabled Brand as a part of the FAQ
    • For more details about how to create an FAQ Dataset, check out the Create a Dataset from CSV File article
  10. Select the Exclude MI Help Docs checkbox to stop Concierge from searching through the Metric Insights Help&Documentation website for answers. In this case, only the answers from the FAQ Dataset will be provided to the User. This is useful if you have an extensive FAQ set geared toward your Regular Users
  11. Select the Mask Personal Data Sent to LLM checkbox to tokenize the User information (name, email) before sending it to the LLM
  12. [Update All Search Indexes]

NOTE: The search index update is a required step and must be finished before Concierge will work correctly. This step may take some time to complete, depending on how many objects you have in your Metric Insights instance. Indexing progress is shown in the Indexing in progress bar.

3. Enable Concierge Portal Page

Access Content > Portal Pages find the Concierge Portal Page and click its Active name Link to open the Portal Page Editor

Enable the Portal Page on the Info tab of the Editor by activating the toggle switch and [Save] the changes.

4. Verify Result

  1. Click [View]
  2. Submit your question to verify that Concierge works correctly

5. Provide New Question Examples

The Concierge Portal Page comes with a default set of example questions. You are encouraged to change these to questions that are relevant to your environment.

Access Content > Portal Pages > the Concierge Portal Page > Content Tab

  1. Edit/delete example questions as needed
  2. Click [Save]
  3. Click [View] to verify that the changes have been applied. You may need to clear your browser cache.
    • It is recommended to type in a question to verify that Concierge works as expected.

6. Share Concierge Portal Page

In Metric Insights, Portal Pages are visible only to those Users who have been given view or edit access to them. The Concierge Portal Page needs to be shared with the User (Administrator, Power, or Regular) to appear as a tab on the Homepage.

For more details, check Granting User Access to a Portal Page.

Access Content > Portal Pages > the Concierge Portal Page > Sharing Tab

  1. Share the Portal Page with the Group of Users. All Users of that Group that have a type similar to the one allowed in the Display to User types section will be granted View Access to the Concierge Portal Page
  2. Optionally, add individual Users to grant them View Access to the Concierge Portal Page
  3. Click [Save]

7. [Optional] Configure Feedback Collection

Concierge can be configured to collect feedback from users who interact with it.

Find instructions on the feedback collection configuration in Configure Feedback Collection for Concierge.