Applying User Map to a Dimension

Metric Insights allows defining what Dimension Values are seen by every User. It could be set via Permissions, but they need to be added separately for every User. So, rather than that, it is better to set Permissions via User Map. This User Map then controls the Regular and Power User ability to view Dimension Values on elements using this Dimension.

This article describes how to set Permissions to see Dimension Values by applying a User Map to the Dimension.

NOTE: User Maps only grant "View" access. To grant "Edit" access, see Dimensions in the Security section.

1. Open Dimension Editor

Access Content > Dimensions and open Dimension Editor by clicking on the existing Dimension Active Name link

In the Access tab, activate Set Permissions via User Map toggle to expose related fields

2. Set Permissions

  1. User Map: Select a User Map that has individual User names mapped to the Key Dimension Values
  2. Dimension Value: Set the column with Dimension Values
  3. [Synchronize now]
  4. Users with Dimension Access grid is updated from User Map data