Endpoints Available to Power Users in API Toolkit

In Metric Insights, access to API endpoints is granted based on a User type. In the UI, Power Users have access to a limited number of endpoints (see the below screen). To get access to API Toolkit, Power Users must be assigned the "Use API Toolkit" Privilege via the User Editor. API Toolkit will then be available under the Admin menu.

Admin users have access to a bigger scope of endpoints. The latest and most relevant list of Admin-only endpoints is also available via API Toolkit.  

For more API-related documentation, refer to this section.

"Use API Toolkit" Privilege Must Be Granted

For Power Users, to be able to use API Toolkit, an Admin must grant the corresponding Privilege to them via the User Editor.

API Endpoints Available to PUs via UI

The API Toolkit Item drop-down reflects the latest and the most relevant list of endpoints available to a given User.