Publishing Workflow Security

A Publishing Workflow is an object designed to define the processes to support Data Governance of Elements with a Category. The Publishing Workflow's processes are managed through designated Groups. See this article to understand the relationships between Groups, Power Users and Categories within this feature's processes.

1. Privileges Details

There are three Privileges associated with Publishing Workflows:  

  1. Use Content Center: Required for any Power User who is assigned to a workflow to participate in the process
  2. Create Publishing Workflows:  Required for any Power User who creates or edits a workflow's settings on its Editor and allows granting Permission to Use or Edit the Workflow to Power User Members of Groups to which the Power User belongs or has Edit Access
  3. Extended Security:  Required for a Power User to be able to grant Publishing Workflow access to any User or Group

1.1. Use Content Center Privilege

For more information about this Privilege, check the Content Center Security article.

If a Power User has Use Access to a Publishing Workflow but does not have the Use Content Center Privilege, when a user clicks the View link in the last column, the User is taken to the associated Workflows Publishing Board. Since the Publishing Boards exist in the Publishing tab on the Content Center, they appear slightly differently to a PU without the Content Center Privilege since the tabs do not appear at the top. The URL is the same, thus it is the same page.

If a Power User has no Permissions other than View Access to one Publishing Workflow and all Privileges except Use Content Center:

  1. User sees the Publishing Workflows entry in the Content menu
  2. Clicking this entry opens the Content Center
  3. User sees that Publishing Board

If the Create Publishing Workflow Privilege is removed, the Publishing Workflows entry is removed  from the Content Menu:

  1. User CANNOT see the PW to which he has View Access unless he has Use Content Center to interact with the Publishing Workflow via the Publishing Board  tab on the Content Center page

1.2. Create Publishing Workflow Privilege

TYPE: Parent of " Allow Power Users to grant Publishing Workflow access to any User or Group"

GROUPING: Data Governance

This Privilege allows a Power User to define and manage a Publishing Workflow for use in Data Governance.

If Power Users has this Privilege, they can:

  • See a "Publishing Workflows" entry in the user's Content Menu and, through it, access an Editor via its active Name link
  • Create a new Publishing Workflow
  • With Edit Access to a Publishing Workflow, use the Permissions button to grant Permissions to the a Workflow to Groups to which the user belongs or has Edit Access and to individual Power Users who are members of these Groups
  • Edit the Workflow on its Editor
  • Add Categories to the Workflow if the Power User has View or Edit Access to the Category

1.3. Allow Power Users to grant Publishing Workflow access to any User or Group Privilege

TYPE: Child of "Create Publishing Workflows"

GROUPING: Data Governance

This Privilege allows the PU to grant Publishing Workflow access to any PUs and Groups.

If this Privilege is selected for a User or Group that does not already have the parent Create Publishing Workflows Privilege, the parent is automatically selected and both Privileges are granted to the User or Group.

When a PU has this Extended Security Privilege the Group and User drop-down lists on the Group/User Editors or Publishing  Workflows Editors Permissions popup are expanded to include all Users or Groups

2. Assign the Privilege(s)

Admins: Admin  > Users & Groups > Group or User name link > Info tab

Power User:  Admin > Groups > Group name link > Info tab (Groups to which Power User has Edit Access)

  1. [+Privilege to User or Group]
  2. (Optional) Query on "Publishing"
  3. (Optional) Select Grouping:  Data Governance
  4. Select the Parent Privilege only or both


3. Grant Permissions to the Publishing Workflow

Admins and Power Users:  Content > Publishing Workflows > active Name link > Publishing Workflow Editor > [Permissions]

  1. [+ Group Edit Access to Publishing Workflow]
    • On the popup, select a Group
      • Power Users:  any Group to which the user belongs or to which user has Edit Access
      • Admins:  select any Group
      • [Save]
    • Repeat if necessary
  2. [+ User Edit Access to Publishing Workflow]
    • On the popup, select a User
      • Power Users:  Any Power User that is a member of  Groups to which the user belongs or to which the user has Edit Access
      • Admins: select any Power User
  3. Allow the Power User or Group Power User members to have Edit or Use Access to the Publishing Workflow