Regular User "Views" Menu Entry Security

In some organizations that use Portal Pages to display a Dataset's content, it is not necessary for Regular Users (RUs) to actually access the Dataset's Viewer and may be confusing to them. To remedy this problem for these customers, a new "Display the Dataset Views Menu to Regular Users" Privilege is now available for assignment only to RU's only. With it, once a Regular User is given View Access to a Dataset, a "Views" entry appears in their Content menu.

Privilege Details

HIERARCHY: Standalone

GROUPING: Personal Settings

This Privilege allows Regular Users to access their Dataset Views list page.

If PU has this privilege:

  • The Views option is displayed in the Content menu
  • RU has access to the selected Dataset View via an Active Name link

This Privilege may be assigned on a Group Editor for inheritance by Group RU members or by an Admin only, on an individual RU's User Editor.

Assign Privilege to a User or Group

Access User or Group Editor > Info tab > [+ Privilege To User]

  1. Optionally, filter by "Views"
  2. Optionally, choose Grouping:  "Personal Settings"
  3. Select the new Privilege