Granting Power User Ability to Create External Report Types

In Metric Insights, Power Users have to receive a specific Privilege to be able to create an External Report Type. This article describes the steps an Administrator should take to give the Power User ability to create an External Report Type.

Assign the "Create External Report Type" Privilege

There are no individual External Report Type Permissions. Power Users may only access Editors belonging to Types that they created and can only delete External Report Types they created.

Access Admin > Users & Groups and click on the PU's Active Name link to open the User Editor

NOTE: "Create External Report Type" Privilege can be a part of a Privilege Set. Assigning Privilege Sets rather than specific Privileges is recommended in Metric Insights, so check the Privileges List at the bottom of the page. If the "Create External Report Type" Privilege is not in the list, proceed with this step.

  1. [+Privilege To User]
  2. Filter the list by "external report"
  3. Find the "Create External Report Type" Privilege and select the checkbox
  4. [Save]

Type of External Report was intended to be used to create a dropdown list of settings that are usually common for customer or a specific plug-in so as to not not overload External Report editor. There are no constraints as to the text used to "name" the Type. Upon adding new plug-in, usually a default report Type for that plugin with recommended settings.