Granting Power User Ability to Create Feedback Prompts

With "Create Feedback Prompts" Privilege, a Power User can create the text that is displayed to a User in hopes of eliciting comments about the usefulness and design of an object within Metric Insights. This article describes the steps an Administrator should take to give the Power User ability to create Feedback Prompts.

Assign the "Create Feedback Prompts" Privilege

Access Admin > Users & Groups and click on the PU's Active Name link to open the User Editor

NOTE: "Create Feedback Prompts" Privilege can be a part of a Privilege Set. Assigning Privilege Sets rather than specific Privileges is recommended in Metric Insights, so check the Privileges List at the bottom of the page. If the "Create Feedback Prompts" Privilege is not in the list, proceed with this step.

  1. [+Privilege To User]
  2. Filter the list by "feedback"
  3. Find the "Create Feedback Prompts" Privilege and select the checkbox
  4. [Save]