Granting Power User Access to a Target

In Metric Insights, Power Users have to be granted specific Permission to be able to edit a Target. This article describes the steps an Administrator should take to give the Power User Edit access to a Target.

Granting Edit Access

An Administrator may grant a Power User Permission to modify one or more Targets. A Power User can get access to a Target individually or inherit it from the Group he/she is a member of. For more details about granting Access to the Group, check the Assigning Privileges and Permissions to the Group article.

Once a Power User has this Permission for at least one Target, the following capabilities are automatically granted:

  • Access the Target View of any Metric for which View Access has been granted or that was created by this Power User
  • Create a new Target
  • Access the Target Editor of those Targets for which the Power User has Edit Access or that were created by this Power User
  • Associate a Metric with a Target if the Power User has Edit Access to a Metric or created it

Permission can be granted from the Target Editor and from the User Editor.

Assign Permission from Target Editor

Access Admin > Reference Object > Targets and click the necessary Target Active Name Link to open the Editor

  1. [Permissions]
  2. [+Target Access To User]
  3. User: Select the Power User to whom access is granted
  4. [Save]
  5. [Close]
Assign Permission from User Editor

Access Admin > Users & Groups and click on the PU's Active Name link to open the User Editor

  1. Go to the Power Users tab
  2. [+Target To User]
  3. Name: Select the Target from the dropdown menu
  4. [Save]