Burst Security (6.2.1 and beyond)

Beginning in Release 6.2.1, there is a new Create Burst Privilege that can be granted to Groups as well as to Power/Regular Users.  In addition, Power Users can receive Extended Security to allow them to subscribe or  grant Burst Edit Access or to any Group or User.

Without the Privilege, a Regular or Power User cannot create or edit a Burst.  

With the Privilege, a user can

  • Create the Burst
  • Receive Edit Access to this Burst
  • Designate Subscribers
  • Power Users can grant Permission to other Power Users to Edit the Bursts

Bursts have both:

  1. Subscribers: users who receives the Burst but do not need the Privilege in order to receive
  2. Permissions: Additional Power Users who are allowed  to edit the Burst (in addition to all Admins) who also have the Privilege to Create Bursts
  3. Same security is applied to both of the above; i.e., the list of available Groups or Users is the same for both actions
    1. The list of Groups and Users is limited to:  Groups to which the user belongs and members of those groups and, for Power Users only, Groups to which the Power User has Edit Access
    2. With the Extended Security, a Power User sees all Groups and Users for when Subscribing granting Permissions

Beginning in Release 6.3.0, a Power User can use "Bulk Change"  for Bursts to which the user has Edit Access on the Burst List page in order to change the enable/disable setting.

1. Grant Burst Privileges:  User/Group Editor > Info tab > Privileges section

  1. Create Bursts: With this Privilege
    1. A Regular or Power User may:
      1. Initiate a new Bursts, maintain its settings, and delete the object
      2. Subscribe Groups or individual Users
    2. A Power User can grant Access to the Burst Editor
    3. Both Subscriptions and Access are limited to Groups to which the user belongs or individual members of those Groups
      1. Power Users may also include Groups to which they have Edit Access
    4. Grouping:  Personal Settings
    5. Parent of Burst Extended Security Privilege
  2. Extended Security Privilege:  
    1. Allow Power Users to subscribe or grant Burst Access to any User or Group
    2. Grouping:  Power User Content Security
    3. Child of Create Bursts

2. Subscribe Users to a Burst: Content > Bursts > Name link > Burst Editor > Subscriptions tab

The Burst's Creator

  1. Click [+ Add  Groups] to subscribe a Group and and send it to of its all members
  2. Select a Group to which a Power and Regular User belong
  3. Power Users also can choose a Group to which they have Edit Access
    • With Extended Security, all Groups/Users are displayed to the Power User

3. Power Users only:  Grant Edit Access to the Burst: Burst Editor > Permissions button

Security constraints as to Groups and Users to which the Power User can grant Edit Access are based on whether or not the user has the Extended Security Privilege for Bursts in the same manner as Subscriptions.

  1. Click [Permissions]
  2. Click [+ Group Edit Access to Burst] for selected  Groups
  3. Click [+User Edit Access to Burst] to selected Individual Users