Content Center Security

In 6.3.0, a new Content Menu Entry for "Content Center" is provided to reach a page (image below) with three tabs:

  1. Publishing
  2. Engagements (default tab)
  3. Requests  (only appears if the user has the Privilege to "Manage  User Access Requests")

All Admins can reach this page and click any tab.  Power Users must have a new "Use Content Center" Privilege that is granted on a Group or User Editor in order to see the Content Menu > Content Center entry and use it to access the Page.   Without this Privilege, a Power User does not see the option in the Content menu. It can only be granted to a Group's Power Users and individual Power Users on  Info tab  in Group or User Editors .

This article provides information about the new Privilege but not how to use any the tabs.  The Publishing and Engagements tabs are always displayed to a Power User.  See these articles for more information about Security related to Publishing and (Access) Requests tabs display/access.

The "Use Content Center" Privilege has the following attributes:

  1. Type:  Standalone
  2. Grouping:  Power User Content Security
  3. Assign to: Power Users and Groups only
  4. Description:  "Provides Power User access to the Content Center"
  5. Processing:  
    • A Power User with this Privilege can:
      • See a "Content Center" entry in the user's Content Menu and, through it, access the Center's page with two or three tabs
    • This Privileges is automatically granted to each new All Access Group created in Metric Insights.

Admins may designate whether or not this Priviilege is used in a given instance by clicking the Edit icon on its entry in the grid on the Privileges List Page.

1. Grant Privilege

Admins: Admin > Users & Groups > User or Group tab > Name link > Group Editor  

Power Users only:  Admin > Groups > Name link > Group Editor

  1. [+ Privilege to Group (or User]
  2. Optionally, filter by "center"
  3. Optionally, select Grouping:  Power User Content Security
  4. Select the Privilege


Security is applied to the contents of the Content Center to only include:

  1. Objects to which the Power User has at least View or Use Access
  2. Groups to which the Power User belongs or to which the user has Edit Access
  3. Restrict the objects selected for Migration to those to which the Power User has Edit Access